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This site is for the Traditional Pagan witch/shaman or Magickian. We are not for the LGBT Community or activism. I realize some may think this is an unpopular status for me and my sites, but this is my pref, opinion and website. I do not allow paganism to be propaganda'd here to push the activism forward for the LGBT Community. We are not hating on the LGBT Pagan or witch, But if you would please read the Pagan Grotto Tenets and Virtues Here, which have been updated and applied to all our sites.

This Paganism site and social is not based on the 1950's version of Wicca or Neo Paganism. This is for people who are shaman as well as pagan, like herbal pagans, or those listing a link or service. We do not care for the classification of "Text Book Pagan" or "Degree Initiate". Nothing wrong with either and much respect to both, but there is nothing wrong with those creating their own path either, as long as it has common sense, and isn't about being trendy or popular due to "apocalyptic" like attitudes.


The Northern Hemisphere is currently observing: Yule Season - Dec 22nd

Some Pagans observe a 12 nights of Yule season but some only observe the one day ~ More On Yule Season Here πŸŽ„πŸ•―πŸŽ…πŸ»πŸ€ΆπŸ»πŸ•ŠπŸŽ€

Sunday Dec 22 - Thursday Jan 2
Monday, Dec 30 All Day
Monday, Jan 6 All Day
Sunday, Feb 2 All Day

Blessed Be & Welcome to all new members and new comers! Feel free to invite pagan friends!           πŸŒ’πŸ˜‰πŸŒ˜ 

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Welcome to the Pagan Grotto Resource Site!

The Pagan Grotto Resource Site is a member ship site on webs mainly for use to submit pagan related links to our web directory, which is a link directory for pagan, occult and other magickal related websites and stores. We now have a domain and a community where you can have a profile and add videos, pictures, links, and group forum discussions, as well as List yourself as a Service to the pagan communities, as well as sponsor and advertise here. 

Pick the category of your choice and add your links. ONLY Pagan, Occult, LHP, Magick, including stores and shops should be added. Any membership profile associated with spam (non related pagan content) will be removed. So don't bother being an arse.

Have a Higher IQ.  This resource site is phasing out the occult links at emyspot as it is just too expensive per year to upgrade.

Avatars of people and members should be respectful and not contain Nudity. There shall be no site link added that is about sex/harm to self/others/animals. No Gore about any related subject, terror or doom.


We do not save your information. Your computer does. Learn more about cookies by googling Cookie information on your browsers.

How to Add Links:

Any Pagan/Occult/Paranormal site may be added to the Directory. Just Join, sign in and make a profile to add some links. We invite all the pagan web regardless of path or tradition to join and create your links and maintain them, similar to , which is retiring as a website soon. I hope you feel welcomed and find a new home here with us at!

--Ana Massien 

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