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I have opened up the membership again ~ you can join openly. 🦉

The Pagan Grotto Resource Site is a member ship site on webs mainly for use to submit pagan related links to our web directory, which is a link directory for pagan, occult and other magickal related websites and stores. 

Joining our site just means you joined a web social. It does not make you apart of a circle, coven or house.


Please note - if you join the community we need you to participate, pass on links, blogs etc. You will be removed one month after no activity. 💚💚💚💚 You can rejoin but you must log in and post. If you have a busy schedule right now, do not join.

Privacy: ✌

We do not save your information. Your computer does. Learn more about cookies by googling Cookie information on your browsers.

How to Add Links: 🐱‍🐉

Any Pagan/Occult/Paranormal site may be added to the Directory. Just Join, sign in and make a profile to add some links. We invite all the pagan web regardless of path or tradition to join and create a profile here and add their links. Joining this community does not make you a member of a Coven or the Grotto at all. This is a resource site meant to help and promote paganism communities and services. Our Grotto site chapter will most likely be on the site instead and I am not even working on it yet.

This social community and resource is about COMMUNITY AND NOT COMPETITION. If you are trying to compete with us, then well you are not very pagan or spiritual minded.

There is however, a "Playgans" section of Links. These sites and socials look off the chain, very nice and designed. The people however are your typical "run of the rut" crowd that destroy or hurt communities and their webmasters from trying and making their own. We will never do that here. As a pagan webmaster I feel that is only fair to group these sites together in the bigotry/fake pagan section. It's not good for witches, pagans or occultists to do this to each other, and there is a reason they all run in one pack. 😒

Thank You.

🌛 💀 🌜

--Ana Massien 

This is our Motto ~ We will not see you as competition here.

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moon dishes @ moon n fang For five to three dollars, including shipping and handling! Holds cone incense and also stick incense. Use on an altar or anywhere else magick scents are needed. Available by request! Do not wash! Wipe with a dry cloth. The Bowl or plate naturally should smell like ritual shed / burned incense - even if not a ritual.

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