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What We are here for: We are a pagan resources page, we allow you to advertise, add links, enjoy membership benefits, donate/sponsor and advertise. You can also send in services to the pagan community to our blogs that you provide.

We are not apart of the 1950's Paganism Community but we are apart of the new pagan collective project.

Who are we for: Anyone who wants to advertise, teach others, or advertise their links and banners or buttons for a small fee (10.00 a month)

You own all the data you put on this website and you don't have to pay anything to do so. Donations are appreciated however and they do allow you to advertise on these sites.

How: You can donate to us on my link or the site donation button on this page. No refunds - as we give you advert space for your donations.

We support all forms of pagans, witches, shamans and occultists, however we do not allow LGBTQ+ Activism on this site.

Thanks for understanding!

-- Ana Massien aka White Girl Shaman