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Being Sincere

Posted by Ana Massien on February 10, 2020 at 2:55 AM

I want to address something, this is a "social community", right?

Ok then so to be on the website, it is to just join a fellow Community. It's not like the former pagan/space where if you joined it YOU wre apart of that big universal faith place. But its really not like that. Like Myspace, it was a place for everyone, and every friend to hang out at, and so far as well with the pagan space that became known. The Pagan Grotto is not the next pagan space, or any such community, joining it means you have to be "social" with the rest of our community.

This is IMPORTANT. if you are not social, you know adding links or adding blogs, or videos or pictures, advertising or donating money towards out site and running adverts and things. Then you can't sit here as a member profile that collects dust.

It's been a busy week for me, and I get online and on FB IM I have a msg from a girl that does not live here in my neighborhood and basically wanted me to trash the neighborhood because she was gonna show it to someone to get me kicked out (after six years I don't think so!) so anyway this post is about being sincere. Be genuine with me. I make equal friends out of men and women. Then the idea of friendship is such a burden to these people and they clearly get things out of proportion and say things they don't mean like "she gave me candy trying to be my friend". No, I gave you candy because you asked for it. Every once in a while I buy candy for other people who look like they need a break. She is the one that comes over, so technically she iniated the friendship. Be sincere, be yourself, be genuine.

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