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  • Pagan Nings, spruzes, hiveflares, etc

  • Personas of the pagan community, personal websites and blogs

  • Pagan Blogs, wordpresses, tumblrs

  • Pagan Stores and shoppes including supplies and clothing of all sorts

  • RSS of Pagan blogs, feedspots, feedly etc

  • Pagan Pride events in the USA

  • Pagan Pride outside of the USA

  • Real Vampyre and Otherkin related items and socials and sites

  • Costumes/Cosplay sites and socials

  • Left Hand Path Magick, Spiritual Satanism (Satan as a Deity Being)

  • Heatheru (Caysharu) Shamanism, Witsku, Caitha (Cay-sha)

  • Pagan Circles/Churches/Covens of the United States, Cities and Towns (Please list your state in the title and description)

  • Pagan Groups/Circles/Churches etc Internationally outside the USA. Includes Festivals.

  • Pagan News. Pagan News and RSS

  • Pagan Tools and Ritual needs - robes, cloaks, brooms, besoms, wands, athames, cauldrons, fire resistance pots and so on

  • Incenses, pagan related or non, can of course be used for pagan and spiritual well being

  • Waxes for warming in a cauldron by plugin or candle flame tea light and accessories

  • Pagan chat rooms, discord, telegram, chatango, irc or others

  • Rude people, rude commentaries. Certain crowds of people. Certain terms and restrictions. Look great - not very open to new people. Busy body pagans, those for the competition. ** I have the right to tell the truth about sites, deal with it.

  • Shamanism pages, forums, blogs and more

  • Herbal, root, teas, goodness and wellness